September 22, 2023


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Targeted Autoresponders – 5 Interesting Steps to Accelerate Your Autoresponders

Autoresponders are more than just your 24/7 “auto-replier” to your email inquiries, they are also great tools in introducing, building-up, and promoting your products to your potential clients.

1. Test your autoresponders. You would want to make sure that your potential clients are receiving email messages from you as scheduled. One way to test that is by joining your own email marketing list. By doing so, you will know if your newsletters are being sent on time and how they actually look like on the receivers’ end.

2. Insert a short ad on every canned message you draft. Take advantage of your autoresponders and advertise your products incessantly. You don’t need to compose a whole email ad. A short text link or URL to your product page will be enough to create brand awareness.

3. Personalize. Although you are sending canned messages, don’t forget to personalize your email responses to make your readers feel that you have actually taken the time to compose your email just for them. Based on survey, this can promote customer loyalty that can lead to fruitful business relationship.

4. Publish your ezine. Another important element to bring your closer to internet marketing success is to build and nurture a trusting relationship with your client base. You can do so by publishing your own ezine and sending your subscribers useful and informative newsletters to establish your expertise and build rapport with your potential clients.

5. Follow-up on your sales leads. Send follow-up emails to all your potential clients who have signified their interest in purchasing from you. Increase your chances of closing a sales and build up your products some more by stressing their benefits and features. Don’t forget to include your product page’s URL to make it easier for your potential clients to make a purchase.