July 25, 2024


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How and Where to Sell Used Medical Equipment

Don’t have the time, resources or experience to sell your used medical equipment yourself? You’re not alone! Most medical facilities have a lot more important issues that need attention versus struggling with all the difficult nuances associated with trying to sell their used equipment. Imagine the headaches associated with trying to research realistic pricing for your equipment, or manufacturer details for an attractive listing, handling warranty issues, handling all the calls, emails and voicemails associated with trying to sell your equipment. It can become overwhelming very quickly.

There is help! There are a couple of legitimate options that can assist you in re-selling used equipment. Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians, Imaging Centers, Laboratories, Research Facilities, Universities, Medical Equipment Importers & Exporters all benefit by working with these options in re-selling their used medical equipment.

The typical options are as follows:

Listing Services

Listing services are good for simple low ticket items but they definitely have their limitations. They do charge a smaller fee, however you get what you pay for with this option. With a standard listing service company, typically you just place an add for the equipment and you have to field all the phone calls, emails etc…. Meaning you’ll have to research the product with the manufacturer, you may have to deal with warranty issues, merchandise returns, repairs, shipping and packaging etc…. For higher ticket, more complex equipment this is not usually the best option.


Dealers and wholesalers can be a good resource if you are trying to sell equipment quickly. They usually have a fairly good grasp of the equipment depending on the manufacturer and model. They can make the process fairly easy, however the downside to this is you typically will only get pennies on the dollar offers from them for the equipment. If you are wanting to maximize your return on investment for the used equipment. There is a third option which encompasses the best of both of these two options.

Consignment Companies

Consignment companies offer the best of both worlds, they can offer a fast process. They can handle all of the logistics ie..listing the equipment, handling phone calls and email inquiries, manufacturer details and research, pricing research, warranty issues, shipping and packaging, insurance and repairs. The fees are typically 25% of the final sale price and are well worth it considering all the headaches they can save you.

You typically have a choice of keeping the equipment at your facility or if you need the space, the equipment can be arranged to be picked up and stored for you. You can expect in some cases to receive as much as 50-60% more money on a consignment sale versus selling the equipment outright to a dealer or wholesaler.

Their sales experts specialize in selling used equipment such as: surgical tables, laboratory equipment, aesthetic lasers, patient monitors, surgery lights, hospital equipment, surgical equipment, emergency medical equipment and a wide variety of other used equipment. They offer a great value to medical facilities by providing the features and reliability they need while still fitting within their budget, saving time and increasing your return on investment.

You don’t have to worry about being burdened with all the difficulties associated with reselling your used medical equipment. There are definitely companies that can make it easy! They offer a free consultation on reselling your used equipment to discuss all the details with you. It’s important to provide as much detail to them as possible such as the year, mfg and model of the equipment you might need help with. It definitely can help you receive a much higher return on investment.