July 25, 2024


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What Are the Benefits of Using Toll Free Numbers?

Most business owners have begun to realize that toll free numbers are powerful marketing tools as they tend to generate much greater responses to advertisements – both in the print and electronic media. Apart from the fact that toll free numbers motivate customers as they do not have to pay for calls, the free can be routed to any cell phone or other phone line, fax, or even e-mail. The bigget attraction is business owners do not miss long distance calls.

When customers see an advertisement with toll free numbers, they immediately form the impression that yours is a well-established, reliable business house. All business enterprises, regardless of their size and scale of operations, can project the image of a large corporate. Further, a 1-800 number conjoined with a word or catchy phrase can be more easily remembered by both existing as well as prospective customers.

Added to this, if you obtain a vanity number, they can immensely help in boosting your business image and further popularize your brand through word of mouth referrals. Toll free phone numbers can be a veritable boon for any company – whatever be the kinds of services and products they may offer.

Obviously, customers love toll free numbers because they would not have to spend anything to interact with you as often as they wish to obtain information about your goods and services. With increased phone calls from customers, more inquiries are generated and more positive follow-up actions will arise from such inquiries. This will cause far less expenses than hiring field sales staff to generate business leads.

For small businesses that have limited number of employees, these toll free numbers also allow customers to continue to communicate even though there is nobody available to personally take their calls. With a PBX system, customers may obtain whatever information they need even if there is no live person attending to their calls. Before any business looks to hiring additional employees to answer and route phone calls to the different local extensions, they must first examine the buying of a toll free number.

Successful business owners who use toll-free-numbers are fully aware of the positive advantages, but others are sadly ignorant of what wonders a toll-free-number can do to their business. Recent studies have revealed that that advertising with a toll-free number can fetch 30 per cent more responses than advertisements that carry no toll free number.

Yet another advantage to having a toll-free-number is its portability. If you have to move your business for some reason, you can still be reached by your customers and there will be no disruption to the customer services that you provide. Please know your toll-free number can be forwarded to your cell phone, pager, email address, and even you home phone.

Toll free numbers are quite easy to set up and come with a host of features and bonuses. These include the capability for audio conferences, professional voice announcement feature, call screening, call recording, call forwarding, auto attendant, and many other useful features to help marketing activities.

In a nutshell, toll-free-numbers are a cost-effective way to help your business sound professional, project a strong brand image, help your customers reach you more often and overall improve your customer service.