Going bananas over plantain flour

It’s a pattern that has caught even the Key Minister’s attention. All through his latest ‘Mann Ki Baat’ PM Narendra Modi spoke about how homemakers in Karnataka are making ready unique dishes with banana flour, replacing wheat and maida.

Plantain flour — produced with eco-friendly bananas — is not new to the location, acquiring been made use of as baby meals and as a nutritional supplement for the aged.

Having said that, what is new is the way homemakers are now applying the flour in novel methods, dishing up chapatis, gulab jamun, noodles and barfi amid other objects.

Jackfruit activist Shree Padre has been partly accountable for the location heading bananas about plantain flour. It all started when Padre posted a several strains about Jayambika, a homemaker from Thrissur, in a WhatsApp team of farmers. When she saw there was very low demand from customers for bananas, Jayambika bought quite a few bunches and powdered them and offered them. Jeesy George of Alleppy Krishi Vijnan Kendra guided her in the planning of the powder.

Inspired by this write-up, Nayana Anand, a homemaker from Tumakuru in Karnataka, far too powdered the plantain expanding in her yard and tried unique dishes with it.

Padre posted Nayana’s knowledge and it went viral. Numerous started experimenting with it and building new dishes.

In accordance to Padre, much more than a hundred households have taken up the planning of banana flour in the past one month, displaying the huge likely it has.

He mentioned banana flour planning is particularly related in belts where farmers facial area glut in output or where top quality challenges inhibit sale. It can take just three times to change eco-friendly bananas into flour and as a result a perishable commodity can be transformed into a for a longer time use products.

Simple to prepare

Two spoons of salt have to be extra to a diluted rice starch remedy. Environmentally friendly banana, soon after peeling, has to be soaked in this remedy for ten minutes, soon after which it can be sliced and sunshine dried. A regular mixer grinder at dwelling was made use of by the farmers to powder it to prepare the flour.

In accordance to Padre, plantain flour could be a feasible micro organization for farmers, and cited the instance of Ajjappa Kulagod, a farmer from Belagavi district, who has started making it and advertising it regionally.

He states the much more formidable could established up micro flour mills which could enable both of those the farmer as very well as the entrepreneur and deliver regional employment. All that this kind of a unit calls for by way of financial investment is a slicer, a drier and a pulveriser. It unquestionably appears like an plan to get floured about.