April 13, 2024


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Double whammy: After coronavirus hit, rain and hailstorms destroy Maharashtra farmers’ rabi crops and orchards

Strike by the market slowdown because of the COVID-19 outbreak, farmers in Maharashtra have been given yet another blow with hailstorms and rain impacting grape, pomegranate, banana, orange and mosambi orchards. Tracts of wheat and vegetables were also ruined in sections of the Condition thanks to the heavy downpour in the past two times.

All 8 districts in the Marathwada region were hit by hailstorms and heavy rainfall, impacting rabi cultivation. Along with wheat and vegetables, a big amount of money of bajara and mango was ruined in the Aurangabad region. In Jalna, an believed 400 hectares of cultivation has been affected by the rains. Grape cultivation in the region stands affected. Crops in Latur, Beed, Osmanbad, and Nanded are also affected.

Districts in western and north Maharashtra claimed hailstorms and rains. Farmers dread that the good quality of grapes might be affected because of rains. In Jalgaon, lemon plantations were harmed by the rains.

Currently farmers are affected because APMCs in the Condition are barely operating because of the coronavirus dread. Farmers coming with APMCs with produce have to return with the produce. Vegetable and tomato farmers in the Condition have ruined their produce in the past number of times.

Very last October, unseasonal rains had harmed kharif crops on over 70 lakh hectares and farmers were hoping to get well losses by harvesting rabi crops. Having said that, a unexpected change in atmospheric disorders and premature downpours have posed a key obstacle to farmers.

Suicide anniversary

Meanwhile, thousands of farmers and activists throughout the Condition are observing a working day-lengthy fast on Tuesday to commemorate the suicide of Sahebrao Karpe, the first farmer to finish his lifetime in the Condition. Karpe, a farmer from the drought-susceptible Yavatmal district of Maharashtra, dedicated suicide along with his spouse and four small children on March 19, 1986. A be aware he remaining driving mentioned: “It is unachievable to endure as a farmer.” Karpe’s suicide was the first documented farmer suicide in the Condition.

Over the past four many years, Maharashtra’s farmers have been observing a working day-lengthy fast to highlight their plight and draw the government’s attention to their difficulties.