April 22, 2024


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The Fear of “Not Knowing Enough”

Have you ever felt that you didn’t know enough? I know I did for the first few years in my practice. And so this is what would happen:

– I would spend most of my free time pursuing additional credentials and reading tons and tons of books about my modality (which was nutrition at the time)

I collected and read hundreds of health and nutrition books. In fact, in my office I have a large bookcase full of all the information I learned. Yet to my surprise, I found learning more about nutrition didn’t help me grow my business.

– For example, whenever someone expressed interest in my services, be it at a networking meeting or a cocktail party, I would feel SO EXCITED and attempt to prove to them that I actually did know a lot and would spend time answering all of their questions about nutrition.

I really thought this meant they were interested in my services and that at any moment, they would ask to book an appointment or ask for my business card.

We would talk for an extended period of time, and very often, I felt I was in convincing mode or making the case for the importance of nutrition.

Sometimes, I felt the person was just wanting me to hear THEIR opinion about nutrition and enjoy the opportunity of debating with a nutrition pro.

Other times, it seemed it was pretty clear that that person needed my help and they would asked me about how I worked, but they NEVER became a client.

So what was the problem?

It wasn’t that I didn’t have enough passion.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t putting myself out there.

I simply wasn’t responding to these inquiries IN THE RIGHT WAY.

Since this recurring situation touched one of my big insecurities about my practice, I kept attracting this situation over and over and over again.

It didn’t change until I realized that:

1) answering everyone’s questions wasn’t turning people into clients

2) studying more and more about my modality wasn’t helping me attract clients either and

3) falling prey to this situation was endlessly frustrating and demoralizing.

False Premise Every Wellness Pro NEEDS TO KNOW:

Learning more and more and more about your modality DOES NOT help you attract clients.

Answering people’s endless questions about what you know DOES NOT help you attract clients.

What DOES help you attract clients is learning to respond to opportunities IN THE RIGHT WAY.

And that’s within the domain of marketing, not within your modality training. Unfortunately, wellness pros aren’t taught how to do this as part of their training. Things finally changed for me when I decided to funnel some of that “continuing education” energy and invested into studying what makes people successful in very small businesses like my own practice. And what I realized, and what few wellness pros know is this: Marketing is the bridge between you and your clients. NOT more training in your modality. There is a BIG WIDE GAP between where you are and where your clients are and it’s up to you to bridge that gap.

Solution: I teach you exactly how to respond to inquiries in your services IN THE RIGHT WAY, in my Fast Start to Clients Program. I call this learning how to design “breakthrough offers” that inspires people to book appointments with you. It’s one of the secrets to success.

You’ll learn what to say, what NOT to say, how to stop feeling like you’re convincing people to care about your modality and how to make “works every time” offers that puts an end to the fear of not knowing enough and the demoralizing drama of giving, giving, giving without getting clients in return.

To your success,

Karin Witzig Rozell

Founder, The Wellness Professional Network