April 22, 2024


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Ilearningglobal Review – An Expert Complete Overview on Ilearningglobal Business Opportunity

Just a few weeks ago, my good friend send me an invitation to have a look at a ‘new’ business opportunity. To be honest with you, I have seen a lot of MLM companies that is pure hype and normally I don’t bother to click on the link and have a look but this time I did.

What makes me click on the link is somewhere below the email that caught my attention. “This company has a 93% retention distributors and to a maximum of total payout of 68%. “

This is something new to me. When you talk about the retention of distributors in a MLM company, unless you help your team members to make some kind of money in the first month, you will lose them for good. The average percentage of you retaining new members in your team is only 20% let alone 93%.

For the past 20 years, statistics has shown that average new companies come and go after only 2 years in operation because of lack of sustainability of members.

To be honest with you, I was skeptical with this new found information. Most notably, my first and only company that I have massive success in the MLM profession came from a company that had a retention of only 5% (meaning 95% joined any organization within the company would failed in the first year) and that is also I was conducting in offline. If you involve in a company with a retention of 93%, you would earn 50 times the income with the same amount of work.

Best MLM Company In History

To be honest with you, I did my research on iLearningGlobal and my investigation leads me to lots of information that you might not know. I want to share with you that if 93% of the people who bought it were keeping it that this was going to be yet another ridiculous success story for me that not ONLY a few of closest allies will make a fortune – MILLIONS of people were going to make more money than they ever had in their life.

iLearningGlobal – Business Model

First of all, iLearningGlobal is a MLM company following a self development business model by providing you with 24/7 access to the best motivators out there teaching personal development using high definition DVDs or televisions.

The information is broken into 5 to 15 minutes videos rather than an hour or two so that you don’t have to spend an hour or two to finish watching the video, apply the skills that is necessary to improve your life. Hundreds of top international speakers (Billionaire Bill Bartmann, Brian Tracy, Steven Covey, Jay Abraham to name a few), heavy hitter MLM producers, best selling authors are on board to provide the best self development education to help ANYONE who wants to improve their FINANCIAL and have the TIME FREEDOM to enjoy doing the things that they want to do?

Why iLearningGlobal is One of A Kind?

iLearningGlobal is different from any company that you ever know. iLearningGlobal has no competition whatsoever because of it’s unique business which is in the self development model compare to any companies out there in the market which is saturated with vitamins, travelling companies, herbal drinks, foods, adult industries and hundreds of thousands of copy cats offers. Basically, this is one of main characteristic which is a selling point to attract people to do their research on iLearningGlobal and they will be blown away to say the least.

Can iLearningGlobal Withstand The Test Of Network Marketing?

Since this a fairly new network marketing company which was launched a few months ago, there are certainly a lot of questions to be answer here? Commonly, for those new to this new ball game of network marketing industry, can I make a lot of money working in iLearningGlobal in my first month? And for those who are season and experience network marketer, can this company last for the next two years?

The answer is definitely a resounding YES. Not only a resounding YES, iLearnignGlobal is a “PRODUCT STAND ON ITS OWN”.

The norm of the new company is to come out with ‘killer compensation plan’ and the only reason people join this kind of company is they think they will make lots of money. When they joined and doesn’t make any money in the first month or two, they quit and cancel their membership if they don’t like the product.

For this reason, if a product doesn’t stand on it’s own, no matter how much money you make in a year, because in 2 years the company has a 100% chances to being close and your income will drop from ‘millions’ to ‘zero’. There are thousands of corporations, individual millionaires, companies, business owners are buying this product without joining the business opportunity. To be frank, there is not a complete MLM company out there offering service and business opportunity such as this.

It iLearningGlobal Worth Joining?

This is a question you need to ask yourself. If you are looking for the best business opportunity to earn residual income working from the comfort of home and at the same time improve your life skills, then you must do your research, look for the best team to hook up with and sign up with an individual who can help you to realise your DREAMS in this amazing business opportunity.

How To Look For A Upline To Help You Sponsor 10 to 50 Distributors In A Month?

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur with iLearningGlobal sponsoring 10 to 50 distributors to your team, you must look for an experience individual who has the passion, be creative, totally committed and have members to his heart and is willing to impart all his skills and trainings to help you achieve your wildest dreams beyond your imagination.

Also, you must have the same kind of attitudes as your successful upline to stomach any upsets along the way when building your downlines. You have to give your 100% when you are creating a residual income even if you doing this part time or full time.

There could not be any other way to own a $5 million personal development information value in this business opportunity and growing at a rapid pace by becoming a member learning from the very best and a chance in a lifetime to earn lots of money with every step of the compensation plan.

Is iLearningGlobal A Scam?

iLearningGlobal is definitely not a hype filled scam company. Not only iLearningGlobal is a legal MLM company, but this is the best opportunity in the last 8 years that I have seen for you to seriously earn a residual income but extraodinary income regardless whether you go to work or not.

Take your time to do your research on this iLearningGlobal and have all you questions answer before you decide.