July 14, 2024


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Home Business Opportunities, MLM Programs, and Pay Per Click Advertising

Home Business Opportunities, MLM Programs, and Pay Per Click Advertising

Whether you are considering home business opportunities, or are currently involved with them already, a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website is with pay per click advertising.

The best known website for pay per click advertising is Google, however MSN and Bing are also very good, and there are many other places you can promote as well, including Bidvertiser, and more. The thing about pay per click advertising is that it can get quite expensive unless you know what you’re doing. From my experience, it’s much more cost effective to use MSN/Bing than to try and market online with Google Adwords. Besides, Google is not very affiliate program friendly anymore, and many accounts of top internet marketers have been getting shut down due to recent changes with Google pay per click policies.

If you’re not familiar with how pay per click works, you would first need to join a site like Google AdWords or Microsoft Adcenter (MSN/Bing). You then set up a campaign, add keywords, and then set your maximum bid for those keywords. Every time your ad is clicked on, you are charged. Clicks can cost anywhere from.20 cents to $2.00 or more, depending on how popular the keyword phrase is.

Now, to get on the first page of a site like Google, the costs can add up, and this is where you want to be to get the highest visibility for your website. How can you do this without setting extremely high keyword bids? You need to get creative with your keyword phrases, and try to choose ones that are not as expensive, yet still will pull response. Once you have your campaign running smoothly, and not costing you a small fortune, you can get very good results, and have virtually automated advertising for your MLM program, or home business opportunities.

It’s also worth noting that most sites like Google, Yahoo, etc, offer free advertising coupons to new advertisers, ranging from $20 to $100 worth of free advertising to test your ads with. This is a great way to get started, and can save you a lot of money.

In summary, pay per click advertising will give you some of the highest quality leads for home business opportunities, network marketing programs, MLM programs, or any top affiliate program. When you’re starting out however, make sure to be conservative with your budget until you know what you’re doing.