May 21, 2024


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Ghee adulteration: Gujarat government seeks suspension of Dudhsagar Dairy MD

The adulteration of dairy items is getting to be a escalating issue in several sections of the region. In the hottest instance, about 600 tonnes of adulterated shares of ghee were being recovered from 1 of the units of Mehsana’s Dudhsagar Dairy, prompting the Gujarat government to advocate sacking of the Managing Director of the dairy union.

The registrar of cooperative societies in Gujarat on Thursday said that there is a case of carelessness and dereliction of responsibility versus the Managing Director of Dudhsagar Dairy. The investigation is on and the Board has been suggested to suspend the MD on grounds of dereliction of responsibility.

Out of the complete 172 batches packed by Mehsana Dairy Union, 118 batches with quantity of 600 tonnes worth ₹40 crore were being found to be adulterated. The adulteration is claimed to have been taken place during June.

The GCMMF has also initiated good quality testing of about 512 tonnes of ghee shares packaged at Mehsana Dairy and now lying at the department warehouses. “If a sample fails in the good quality test and found to be adulterated, the entire inventory will be sent back again to Dudhsagar Dairy at its very own value and will only incorporate to the described adulterated shares,” claimed the GCMMF letter, signed by Managing Director RS Sodhi inquiring the Administrators to just take strict actions approved under the FSSAI tips versus individuals concerned in the legal act.

The letter also said that due to the fact the ghee was branded under Amul and Sagar manufacturers, it was preferred to suspend despatches of all shares of ghee packaged at Mehsana dairy union. Also, it mentioned that there were being reviews of adulteration of ghee in its other manufacturers ‘Dudh Mansagar’ and ‘Dudh Motisagar’. “Therefore, the good quality section of the Federation has suggested to end all despatches of ghee shares from Dudhsagar dairy,” the letter claimed.

The Gujarat government’s Food stuff and Drug Control Administration (FDCA) has now initiated an unbiased investigation into a feasible multi-Condition adulteration racket.