September 25, 2023


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French Discoverer of HIV, Luc Montagnier, Dies at 89

PARIS—French researcher

Luc Montagnier,

who won a Nobel Prize in 2008 for exploring HIV, the virus that will cause AIDS, and who far more not too long ago unfold bogus promises about the coronavirus, has died at age 89, in accordance to nearby governing administration officers in France.

He died Tuesday at the American Medical center of Paris in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a western suburb of the cash, the area’s metropolis hall explained. No other specifics have been unveiled.

Dr. Montagnier, a virologist, led the group that in 1983 determined the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) which leads to AIDS, foremost him to share the 2008 Nobel Prize in drugs with colleague

Françoise Barré-Sinoussi.

Dr. Montagnier was awarded the Nobel Prize in drugs in 2008, in Stockholm, Sweden.


Olivier Morin/Agence France-Presse/Getty Photos

He was born in 1932 in the village of Chabris in central France.

In accordance to his autobiography on the Nobel Prize site, Dr. Montagnier examined drugs in Poitiers and Paris. He explained recent scientific discoveries in 1957 motivated him to turn into a virologist in the speedily advancing field of molecular biology.

He joined the French Nationwide Centre for Scientific Study (CNRS) in 1960 and grew to become head of the Pasteur Institute’s virology office in 1972.

“My involvement in AIDS began in 1982, when the info circulated that a transmissible agent—possibly a virus—could be at the origin of this new mysterious condition,” Dr. Montagnier mentioned in his autobiography.

In 1983, a doing the job group led by him and Dr. Barré-Sinoussi at the Pasteur Institute isolated the virus that would later on grow to be identified as HIV, and was able to describe how it induced AIDS.

Dr. Montagnier in 1987.

Dr. Montagnier’s study laboratory at the Institut Pasteur in Paris in 1987.


Francois LOCHON/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Photographs (2)

American scientist

Robert Gallo

claimed to have discovered the exact same virus at almost particularly the same time, sparking a disagreement about which man ought to get the credit history. The U.S. and France settled a dispute above the patent for an AIDS examination in 1987. Dr. Montagnier was later credited as the discoverer of the virus, Dr. Gallo as the creator of the to start with check.

Setting up all over the close of the 2000s, Dr. Montagnier began expressing views that led to his getting shunned by a lot of the intercontinental scientific local community.

As Covid-19 distribute across the globe and conspiracy theories flourished, Dr. Montagnier was amid all those repeating misinformation about the origins of the coronavirus.

Throughout a 2020 job interview with French news broadcaster CNews, he claimed that the coronavirus did not originate in mother nature and was manipulated. Gurus who have seemed at the genome sequence of the virus have claimed Dr. Montagnier’s statement was incorrect.

At the time, AP manufactured multiple unsuccessful tries to get in touch with Dr. Montagnier.

Dr. Montagnier took section in a protest against Italy’s Environmentally friendly Pass, a govt-issued Covid-19 vaccine certification, final month in Milan.


mourad balti touati/EPA/Shutterstock

Final calendar year, he claimed in a French documentary that Covid-19 vaccines led to the development of coronavirus variants.

Industry experts contacted by the Involved Press explained variants observed throughout the world started rising lengthy before vaccines ended up commonly obtainable. They said the evidence implies new variants developed as a outcome of prolonged viral infections in the inhabitants and not vaccines, which are created to avert this kind of bacterial infections.

Earlier this 12 months, Dr. Montagnier sent a speech at a protest from vaccine certificates in Milan.

Dr. Montagnier was emeritus professor at the Pasteur Institute and emeritus investigation director at the CNRS. He gained multiple awards, together with France’s optimum decoration, the Legion of Honor.

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