May 19, 2024


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Coronavirus LIVE: 31 districts of Uttar Pradesh are Covid free, says govt

Coronavirus updates: India recorded a spike of 30,256 new Covid-19 scenarios in the previous 24 hrs. The place also witnessed 295 fatalities, using the demise toll to 445,133. So much, India has recorded 33,478,419 corona scenarios in full. Delhi reported 28 Covid-19 scenarios and no fatality. Kerala recorded 19,653 new Covid-19 scenarios and Maharashtra three,413 scenarios. 

When Uttar Pradesh government has comfortable Covid-19 lockdown norms by allowing for highest of 100 people to gather at location outside Covid containment zones, Kerala has intensified lockdown constraints in spots wherever the spread of the virus is at crucial degrees.
Entire world coronavirus update: Covid-19 is continuing to spread about the earth, with 229,260,563 confirmed scenarios and 4,704,927 fatalities throughout practically two hundred countries recorded considering that China reported its very first scenarios in December 2019. The US continues to be the worst-hit place with 42,900,813 scenarios, adopted by India, Brazil, Uk and Russia.