September 22, 2023


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Best of BS Opinion: Covid-19 outbreak, politics of messaging, and more

Verified instances of Covid-19 continue to rise in India. Even though Key Minister Narendra Modi has questioned citizens to demonstrate “collective resolve” versus the pandemic, the spread of Covid-19 and its prospective impact of the overall economy is worrying. Enterprise Normal Viewpoint pieces for the day communicate about a variety of areas of the pandemic.

One particular must anticipate a quarter or two when the overall economy shrinks, and right after that a slow restoration. Slow, because of the time necessary by shut corporations to start up once more, limited fiscal constraints, an unfriendly trade atmosphere, lower usage as household budgets replicate lay-offs and pay cuts, and as a result an investment famine, writes T N Ninan

Modi is familiar with who he requirements to talk to, who he must toss, and who he can tackle in variety.

So, poke enjoyable at taali, thaali, diya and mombatti. He couldn’t treatment fewer, writes Shekhar Gupta

Lots of heads of authorities are susceptible to bouts of myopia and grave miscalculation at moments of nationwide disaster. Beating Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Imran Khan in the race, a cringe-deserving standout instance is Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro, notes Sunil Sethi


“It is regarded that citizens are akin to God in this state. From time to time we recognise the power of 1.3 billion persons and that offers us power in this fight versus coronavirus.”

Key Minister Narendra Modi