July 14, 2024


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APIs and Cloud Help Power Innovative Business

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“We would also classify ourselves as a disruptive technological innovation company”

James Eddison is Octopus Vitality CTO. He co-started the business in 2015 with Greg Jackson, the company’s CEO.

Octopus has developed a novel cloud-centered customer company platform, Kraken, which it employs to meet the desires of its 1,500,000 prospects, and licenses to other strength suppliers.

An engineer by background, James tells us how cloud technological innovation has been central to the expansion of Octopus and why he believes in placing the electric power of the firm’s novel technological innovation back into the fingers of its prospects by means of APIs.

Hello James. Give us the low-down on Octopus Vitality and what you do…

James Eddison, Octopus Vitality CTO

On the facial area of it we’re a new entrant strength provider, with two important drivers giving excellent customer company to a sector which has been not specially profitable in doing that, and a need to make a green dent in the universe.

We would also classify ourselves as a disruptive technological innovation business.

Greg and I come from a background of working with technological innovation to address other people’s problems, and now we’re doing that in the strength sector, or the “Entech” area if you want to set an acronym on it.

We started out out aiming to create the experience of prospects and the experience of our support staff members around technological innovation. Due to the fact we have made Kraken with people aims in head it gives us a significantly decreased value to provide and significantly greater customer pleasure ranges than taking an SAP or Oracle-variety procedure which has its strengths but isn’t made for that purpose.

Ok… So are you an strength provider or a technological innovation business 1st?

That’s a bit like inquiring which of your young children you like improved. We’re a loved ones with each, and if we weren’t an strength provider we would not have the simple fingers-on experience to know what’s definitely significant, and if we weren’t producing our own technological innovation we would not be equipped to do the strength giving aspect as effectively.

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We have used twenty a long time making large systems, so we have bought and I never feel it’s conceited to say we have bought a several thoughts of how it really should be completed. There’s a McKinsey report we like to quote on why most IT transformation initiatives fail, and it claims it’s mainly because the IT section is nevertheless acting as purchase takers somewhat than determination makers.

In our business the IT section are the determination makers: I’m a director, Greg is the CEO and is quite technically astute – he was producing video online games when he was a kid. And the wider board and management group have been exceptionally supportive about the prospect and the difficulties of making your own platform, so we have been equipped to produce it progressively.

Tell us why the cloud has usually been central to your business. Are there any particular tools which have been valuable?

Employing the cloud has enabled us to acquire our platform in a very agile and impressive way. You hear about CICD – ongoing integration, ongoing deployment – a large amount, but this is something we have completed considering the fact that day one particular each adjust in the code base can be tracked back and replayed

We utilized Terraform and deployed to the cloud considering the fact that day one particular, so each adjust in our infrastructure is also tracked in code and auditable back to Working day A single who did what,  when and how. And when we deploy, we’re rebuilding infrastructure mainly because it’s all aspect of the identical deployment pipeline. We’re presently doing that amongst 40 and 50 instances for each day.

We use load balances and also scaling teams so that the availability of assets flexes to to meet what we want. The normal lifetime of a server is almost certainly it’s heading to be measured in minutes, it’s really transitory in true terms.

How does this differentiate you from your competitors?

We had been once asked how extended it requires us to do a operate of ten,000 payments on our platform in comparison to the industry’s common approach. Normally strength suppliers are constrained by their components, or by their software even if they selected to operate that in the cloud, and you get these extended procedures [to make payments].

If we’re doing a operate of ten,000 payments, it turns into ten,000 duties, and the issue then is how swiftly do we want to do it? We could spin up ten,000 servers to procedure one particular just about every, or we could have 10 servers just about every doing 1,000. We want the operate to be completed in an hour so we assign the appropriate number of servers.

Now a significant bill operate can comprise one hundred,000 payments, but it nevertheless just requires an hour mainly because which is the time we want it to acquire. We’re equipped to use the identical code and infrastructure and perform the undertaking at a distinctive scale.

You lately became an AWS husband or wife – why did you plump for this platform around many others?

We have usually utilized AWS and I feel the newest evolution is that we have bought off the fence a very little bit. Theoretically we could acquire our software and port it to Google Cloud or Azure, but when you have bought a large volume of information set up and you commence to use the value-including tools around things like protection that AWS provides, there is a important upside in investing as a husband or wife somewhat than just dipping your toe in the drinking water. We also know they’ve bought world information centres and can enable us lengthen our get to internationally.

You have manufactured a large amount of APIs available – how do these enable your business?

There was under no circumstances a dialogue around regardless of whether we would present APIs to enable prospects access their information. At the time we thought men and women might want to do things like producing a Windows Mobile app we did not make an app ourselves mainly because it wasn’t a industry we saw significantly long term in, but we figured if you give men and women the information they could do it them selves.

Speedy ahead six a long time and APIs are supporting us with our aims of giving transparent pricing and sustainable strength. When we released Agile [a products which tracks strength provide each 50 percent an hour to allow prospects to decreased their payments by syncing their instances of large consumption to instances of large community potential] we manufactured an API available right away, and within a pair of months of the products hitting the industry we held a hack day exactly where about 30 firms turned up with thoughts, quite a few of which are now in the industry.

The APIs supply an eco-procedure exactly where other firms can enable address the obstacle of producing our information easy to access for prospects. We have the geeks who will create code on a Raspberry Pi and do remarkable initiatives, but we also have men making applications for phones and watches so that details is available to prospects all the time.

This is an industry which is [usually] nevertheless working with technologies and procedures which had been devised in the eighties at the time of the industry deregulation. The current pace of adjust usually means even a comparatively small alteration receives designed up into a extended multi-million pound project, but we want to be producing a content effect on local weather adjust this decade. So technological innovation desires to enable adjust, and APIs will be an interface that will be a significant aspect of that.

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