September 21, 2023


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5 Reasons to Use Social Media for Your Blog Strategy 

How To Use Your Quarantine Time to Start a Blog | Constant Contact

Your overall content marketing strategy should include a significant portion of developing a blog strategy. As the primary source of organic traffic to your website, your blog also gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself and your business from the competition by establishing yourself as a thought leader. But developing a few ideas for blog posts and choosing relevant keywords is only the beginning of your blog strategy. 

Numerous additional aspects of digital marketing, such as social media, design and formatting features, and SEO best practices, are included in a well-rounded plan. The content plans for blogs and social media should be coordinated. If you don’t, you’ll lose out on a lot of things, including distribution opportunities, new audiences, search engine result page rankings, and more. Here are 5 reasons why you should use social media as a part of your blogging strategy as a business or even a startup. 

1. It creates a sense of community 

Talking about pain points and promoting them on social media garners interest amongst people and makes them interact with the blog since it cites their problems. Not only so but people on social media talk about it in depth and share their stories too which leads to a more community-based feeling among them. With this, there is a sense of shared experiences that social media promotes as a platform even if a blog is your channel and that creates a community of sorts. So, if you are using a blog as a strategy, do not forget to leverage social media.  

2. Helps you enlarge your audience 

Social networking and content sharing have nothing to do with your subject matter, yet they can still be used to expand your audience and increase traffic to your site. 

You can introduce listeners to new content using an alternative system and your social media distribution strategy. The following methods can be used: 

  • In each post, use the necessary hashtags 
  • Post on sites or groups dedicated to your industry 
  • To get your message seen on social media platforms, promote it 

You won’t be able to get your new content in front of your target audience without incorporating these measures into your blogging approach.  

3. To enhance SEO 

Social networking may bolster your position on search results pages, boost your SEO, and make your material simpler to find. 

Search engines will give your blog more authority for SEO if you maintain consistency and link it to your social media profiles. By producing helpful content and disseminating it to as many people as you can, you are cultivating trust with your audience, which increases your authority and helps you rank higher. 

4. Amass Useful Information 

You can use your social media accounts to learn a lot about your audience and utilize social media as a great tool for monitoring responses to your content. To assist you understand the activities your audience makes when you publish fresh material, the majority of social media programs have highly thorough analytics and statistics built in. 

Social media may give you insights regarding the caliber of your blogs as well as the effectiveness of your blog approach. 

You may tell that something is wrong if you see that your social media followers or new visitors from social media are clicking on your links but leaving the real page soon. 

You realize that something has to change whether your material isn’t exactly addressing the question you posed in the title or doesn’t have the quality to keep readers’ attention. 

  • making names that are attention-grabbing to your audience 
  • experimenting with fresh catchy pictures 
  • enhancing blog designs and layouts 
  • adding fresh subjects of interest 
  • shocking viewers in order to get them to click 

5. Create a conversation  

While your blog may be well-researched, provides great information, answer key questions, and address your audience’s concerns, it is still a poor way to engage with your customers and clients. you talk.  


Even with a comment section included in your blog post, you’ll often find that there isn’t much discussion on the page, which can be frustrating for you and your sales team. On the other hand, social media is designed to create conversation.  


When you share your blog posts on your social networks, you will find that there are many opportunities for dialogue between subscribers and new readers. Not only can you read comments or social media shares to understand the reaction of your followers to new content, but you can also follow and watch the conversation that happens in the center of your audience.  


Social interactions and comments can help you understand followers’ reactions and get valuable data on how your audience is accessing your content. So if you are looking at blogging as a social media strategy, yes you are on the right course. You can start your blog for a website with shared hosting or even if you are just a blogger for that matter. It will give you an idea of how much you need to invest your valuable time and money into the activity.