Top 6 Canada’s Health Insurance Companies

You as a Canadian have access to reliable insurance companies. They provide different types of insurance which are healthy for all-round needs as a citizen and an individual. All you need to do is shop for the one you consider the best to offer what you need.

With numerous companies, getting the best health insurance may be difficult. However, if you want to know the most famous health insurance companies in your country and also gain access to their programs, these are five of the biggest health insurance companies in Canada.

  1. Manulife: 

This is a company that has employed over 34,000 people and has over 28 million customers. It has an asset that totals CA$750.3 billion yet it offers its reliable services to people. It offers an insurance program tagged Flexcare Health and Dental. This is a mixture of two types of healthcare plan. 

By this, you get coverage for dental services and drug prescriptions. Aside from this, you can also get coverage of vision care and any other coverage like hospital care and lots more. It also has another healthcare plan called FollowMe which keeps you insured regardless of your workplace.

  1. SunLife Financial:

This is another big company with over 40,600 employees on its payroll. It has over CA$297.20 billion as assets. As a popular insurance provider, it has coverage for families, individuals, and disabled people. It also has an extended package for those who want to continue their insurance plan with the company.

  1. GrestWestLife

This is a company that has a total amount of CA$2.0 Trillion as of the end of 2020. It also has over 24,000 employees on its payroll. It offers healthcare packages to individuals, families, and companies. It also has packages such as Core, Core Plus, and Core Elite packages for those who can afford what it offers. This helps anyone who needs health insurance to properly maintain their health without much financial commitment from their pocket.

  1. Ontario Blue Cross: 

Existing since 1941, it is a company known across Canada. It is based in the Ontario province with several plans for both families and individuals, including kids. It offers Basic Blue Choice and Basic Plus for its customers. Through these packages, the company offers premium healthcare services with hopes to improve the livelihoods of its customers.

  1. State Farm: 

This is a company that has existed since 1922 and now has over 57,672 employees and over 79.4 billion dollars of revenue in 2019. It focuses on different types of health insurance coverage including personal coverage. 

It claims to help people turn to natural health care and offer alternative care coverages. While the healthcare programs are expensive, it remains one of the largest in Canada.

Thus, if you want to enjoy some of the insurance companies offering premium coverage for health insurance, there are lots of them in Canada. Some of the big names at the moment include Manulife, SunLife Financial, GrestWestLife, Ontario Blue Cross, and State Farm.