HIMSSCast: Leveraging care networks toward humanizing healthcare

Podcast guest Dr. Summertime Knight

In her new e book, Humanizing Health care, out April sixth, Dr. Summertime Knight leverages her activities as a physician, an entrepreneur, a patient and a mother of a son with most cancers to existing a paradigm for how health care can improve – how it can be a better encounter for health care consumers and locate better expense price savings and results together the way.

Dr. Knight joins host Jonah Comstock to examine some of the important suggestions in the forthcoming e book.

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Speaking details

  • Dr. Summertime Knight’s tale and why she wrote Humanizing Health care.
  • Humanizing Health care as a North Star for reforming all the components of health care.
  • The 3 +one important motorists of health care transformation.
  • Why humanity has to be hardwired in as technological know-how improves.
  • Modifying the lifestyle of treatment delivery and generating therapeutic alliances.
  • Rethinking the health care consumer as a consumer, not a patient.
  • Healthfulness hubs – an infrastructure for operationalizing treatment networks.
  • Reforms to preventative treatment and health care finance.
  • Dr. Knight’s tips for HIMSSCast listeners.

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